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Will Brooks
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a freelance writer and designer living and working in Cardiff Bay, with clients including Cubicle 7 Entertainment, Big Finish Productions, and BBC Worldwide.

Mostly, I work in poster and packaging design, though I'm also able to produce layouts, info graphics, and more. If there's something in particular you're looking for, then I am available for commissions - just drop me a line on here, or via my portfolio on Behance (link below), and we can cook up something great!
Excuse me for a moment while I blow out some of the cobwebs around here!

I've not been on DeviantArt for a long old time. I know, I know, I should keep it more updated, but I've been busy. I won't bore you with the details, so for now, a few brief bullet points, just to fill you all in:

  • Even though I've not posted anything new on DeviantArt in about a year, I've still been busy. Busier than ever, in fact. I left my job planning people's kitchens in order to go full-time freelance and it's been a bit non-stop since then. I'm currently working on projects for BBC Worldwide and Big Finish productions, so I have an excuse to play with Doctor Who stuff on Photoshop! I'll post things up as and when I can.
  • But I'm a forgetful sort of chap, so I may well forget to keep things updated here. I'll try to be better, I promise. If in doubt, I keep my online portfolio pretty well updated on Behance, and my Tumblr is usually updated pretty quick, too. You'll find more close-up detail shots of some of my deviations posted over on Tumblr, too.
  • Failing either of those, I'm often around on Twitter. I don't always tweet a lot, but I'm usually around reading things, so it's an easy way to get in touch if you need to.
  • Speaking of which, now that I'm freelance, I'm usually available for commissions. If there's something you're after, just drop me a line on here, Behance, Twitter, or somewhere, and we can have a chat about what I can do for you. I don't have a price list, because things are usually done on a case-by-case basis, and my rates can adjust depending on how much is happening at any one time.
  • Finally, I do keep a regular blog - over at Doctor Who Online. I've been watching an episode a day of Doctor Who from the very beginning, and then writing about it for them since January 1st last year. As I type this, I'm not far from the end of the Tom Baker era. Feel free to check it out, all the entries back to the first are available on the site. 
I think that's everything covered, but if there's anything else you need to know or want to chat about, feel free to get in touch via one of the above options!



Doctor Who - Sneak Peek by willbrooks
Doctor Who - Sneak Peek
Apologies for the silence on here recently - I'm waiting for the official 'nod of approval' on several things I've been working on over the last couple of months.

For now, though, here's a sneak-peek at a big project I'm currently working on, since the discs arrived today. Expect a big reveal (with a video and everything!) in March...
Doctor Who - Every Story Poster by willbrooks
Doctor Who - Every Story Poster
I made a poster last year which chronicled every Doctor Who story from 'An Unearthly Child' through 'The Time of the Doctor', and it seemed to go down rather well.

Then it was lost in the great hard-drive crash of 2014, which happened only about a week after completion. Ho hum, these things happen! So many people have been requesting the poster, though (mores than any others I've done), that I've now rebuilt it from scratch, adding in the stories from Series Eight, which brings us up to 'Death in Heaven'.

All the Doctor box outs have been revised, and replaced with nicer (higher resolution!) images, and several of the little images to represent each story have been updated, too.

In response to the requests I get for this one, I've made it available over on my Etsy -… - in three sizes, ranging from A3 up to A1.
Doctor Who: Gallifreyan Coasters by willbrooks
Doctor Who: Gallifreyan Coasters
I designed a set of four coasters based around Gallifreyan Time Lord symbols and had them cut from wood for a friend's Xmas gift. The designs are based directly on ones used in the show (apart from the Seal of Rassilon, which was added in place of a regular circle on the original design).

Having had so many requests for them over on Tumblr, I've recently had another small batch made, and put them up on my Etsy page -…
Doctor Who - History of the Time War by willbrooks
Doctor Who - History of the Time War
Update from an earlier piece, depicting the main events of Doctor Who's Last Great Time War. There's some close-up details on my Tumblr -

It's not *every* event from the war, but I think it's got all the major ones represented. From left to right, we've got;

Skaro (Genesis of the Daleks) / The Fourth Doctor (Genesis of the Daleks) / Dalek Ship (Resurrection of the Daleks) / The Fifth Doctor (Resurrection of the Daleks) / Lady President Romana II (The Apocalypse Element) / The Eye of Harmony Chamber (The Apocalypse Element) / The Sixth Doctor (The Apocalypse Element) / The Panopticon (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Lady Trey (Romana III) (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Leela (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Narvin (Gallifrey: Ascension) / The Citadel of the Time Lords (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Special Weapons Dalek (Remembrance of the Daleks) / Ace (The Lights of Skaro) / The Seventh Doctor (Remembrance of the Daleks) / Dalek Battle Cruiser (Remembrance of the Daleks) / Supreme Dalek (The Stolen Earth) / Davros (The Stolen Earth) / Cass (Night of the Doctor) / The TARDIS (Night of the Doctor) / Karn (Night of the Doctor) / The Eighth Doctor (Night of the Doctor) / The Great Key of Rassilon (The Forgotten) / Ohila (Night of the Doctor) / The Barn (Day of the Doctor) / Eternity Circle Dalek (Engines of War) / The War Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Moment (Day of the Doctor) / Cinder (Engines of War) / Dalek Spaceship (The Parting of the Ways) / The Moment Interface (Day of the Doctor) / The Ninth Doctor (The Parting of the Ways) / Dalek Emperor (The Parting of the Ways) / Dalek Sec (Doomsday) / Void Ship (Army of Ghosts) / The Tenth Doctor (Last of the Time Lords) / The Last Day of the Time War (Day of the Doctor) / Professor Yana (Utopia) / Gallifrey Falls No More (Day of the Doctor) / The Genesis Ark (Doomsday) / Rassilon (The End of Time) / The Master (The End of Time) / Destroyed Dalek (Day of the Doctor) / The Eleventh Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / Gallifrey War Room (Day of the Doctor) / The Crack in Time(Time of the Doctor) / The General (Day of the Doctor) / Androgar (Day of the Doctor) / The First Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Second Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Third Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Twelfth Doctor (Day of the Doctor)
Doctor Who - Series One 10th Anniversary Edition by willbrooks
Doctor Who - Series One 10th Anniversary Edition
A mock-up for an anniversary blu-ray collection, based on a discussion with a friend and styled to match the 'Complete David Tennant Years' and 'Complete Matt Smith Years' sets.


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Thank you so much for the watch ♥ !
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Your Blu-Ray covers make me wish the Beeb would hurry up and release Series 1-8 in that design singly! Don't want to buy the complete set when the covers don't match hehe! 
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